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  • Ben Tinsley

Is Uganda a Luxury Safari Destination?

In the past Uganda had a reputation as an adventurous safari destination, more suited to backpackers than those looking for the utmost luxury. But is this still the case?

For a lot of people, what would define making a safari ‘luxury’ would be the quality of the lodges you stay in. And, over the past few years there has been huge investment in the Ugandan tourism industry and thus there are now several accommodation options at each major safari destination, catering for a large variety of budgets and styles. Some examples of the superb luxury safari lodges available in Uganda are Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge with its unbelievable views and personal butlers, Apoka Safari Lodge with it game filled and wild location, and Kyambura Game Lodge with its unique blend of African and contemporary. These lodges will leave a big whole in your wallet, but offer you supreme luxury.

So, that’s the lodges covered, now how about the safari experience? Well it’s true, for pure game viewing Uganda isn’t quite as good as say Tanzania, but in terms of variety, nowhere matches Uganda. Uganda is uniquely located between the jungles of central Africa and the savannas of the East. Boasting over 1000 bird species (more than any other in Africa), over half the world’s remaining mountain gorillas and some excellent savanna national parks like Kidepo, Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls. For variety and an all-round African wildlife experience nowhere quite matches Uganda.

With the big investment on the road network the national parks are getting more accessible. Combine all these together and there has never been a better time to visit Uganda for the luxury traveler.

And I haven't even mentioned the scenery yet. With volcanoes, snow capped mountains,

dense forests, vast swamps, island studded lakes and endless grasslands, Uganda's scenery is not only varied, but breath-takingly beautiful.

If this has got you interested in a safari in Uganda, why not send us an email to see what luxury safari we could design for you?

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