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Frequently Asked Questions

For travel to East Africa, do I have to get any vaccinations or take anti-malari tablets?

In the case of vaccinations; it is likely that you will need to get some, and we advise that you consult your local doctor on this at least 2 months before travel. East Africa is a malaria zone so we advise you to take anti-malari tablets, again consult your doctor on which are the best for you.

How do I pay for my safari?

The only current payment method for any of our safari's is by bank transfer.

If I decide to book through an African safari company, will the service be as good?

Most safari companies from outside of Africa sub contract out their safari's to African operators (just like us) they trust. So the simple answer to this question is yes. Whilst I will admit that a large amount of local companies do not provide the service you would expect, as long as you choose wisely and choose a company that prides itself on their service (like East African Discovery), the service will be just as good and you will save yourself a large amount of money by cutting out the middle man.

Is my money protected if the company goes out of business?


I want to stress that we have absolutely no plans to go out of business, and the nature of the industry means that we are very unlikely to ever go out of business. But if this very unlikely event does happen then the answer is quite simply no. There is no government financial protection scheme if the company goes out of business between paying for your safari and actually going on your safari. However, there is a simple solution to this problem: buy your travel insurance before or soon after booking. Just be careful when buying your policy that it covers you for this as not all policies will. We feel this extra effort is a small price to pay when you could be saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars by booking through an African operator. 

What are the chances of me seeing a gorilla and how physically demanding is gorilla tracking?


Your chances of seeing a gorilla are over 95%. In the unlikely event that you do not see a gorilla then you have the chioce of tracking again the following day (if permits are available) or getting a 50% refund. Your guide can help you of this happens but the refund is not arranged through East African Discovery, but through Uganda Wildlife authority. 

The trek can be very physically demanding and should not be undertaken by those who find it difficult to walk long distances on rugged terrain. 

What are your cancellation fees?

For cancellations 28+ before your safari begins we charge you for your gorilla and chimp tracking permits and then 60% of the remaing tour cost.

For cancellations 14-27 days before your safari begins we charge you for your gorilla and chimp tracking permits and then 75% of the remaing tour cost.

For cancelletions under 14 days before your safari begins we charge you 100% of the tour cost. 

If you have any further questions then please feel free to send them to

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