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There are many awe-inspiring places to be found in Uganda, whether it’s the powerful Murchison falls, the wonderous and misty Virunga Volcanoes or the vast and wild planes of Kidepo, but there is one place which is awe-inspiring for wholly different reasons…

Kishigyeri Community Primary School offers hope where there is little. Here, children from the much discriminated against Batwa pygmy tribe and orphans of the AIDS epidemic are given a chance of a better life. The school offers free education to children that would otherwise be forced to work in the surrounding tea plantations.

Students with families are asked to contribute what they can, but this is often not enough to cover the cost of their education. Also, Kishigyeri is 8km from the next nearest school, so it offers a vital lifeline to the local community.


This truly is an amazing project, but where do we come in?

The school is almost entirely reliant on donations and as you can see from the photos is extremely basic. With your help, we hope to improve the facilities and the quality of education the students are receiving.

Matched Donations

Book any 5 day or longer safari with us and we will match your donation to the school up to $200 USD

Whether it's luxury or budget safaris, we are known for our great value, but we hope our matched donations sweeten the pot even further. We would also consider larger matched donation amounts if you book a longer or more luxurious safari. Before deciding whether to donate or not, why not visit the school during your safari and see for yourself the great work they do.

Volunteering Experiences

We hope to take groups on part safari/part volunteering experiences and do a 50/50 profit share between us and the school. During your safari you could spend a few days volunteering at Kishigyeri teaching English, playing sports/games, painting or building work and many more opportunities that we can fully tailor to your groups experience. To make this feasible we would need groups of 10 or more people, making this ideal for schools or clubs.

The EAD Education Project is something we love talking about, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you have about the school, matched donations or volunteer experiences. We look forward to hearing from you!

Want more information about the school? Check out our blog: 

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