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Budget, Mid-Range or Luxury, What's the Difference?


We want to make it very clear, whether you are travelling in the utmost luxury, or on a value for money safari, you still get our excellent tailor made service and get to make use of our specialists, the only difference is the quality of the accommodation and the transport used. So, what do you actually get for your money when you book a budget, mid-range or luxury safari?


The vehicle used on a budget safari will be 4WD minivan. They are very comfortable and come equipped with a pop-up roof for excellent game viewing. The accommodation is usually either the cheapest room at a mid-range lodge, so you still get that excellent service and location, but your room won't be as spacious or well equipped, or it will be the nicest room at a backpacker lodge. This can be entirely your choice and we will recommend the best options for you, based on your preferences.



The standard safari vehicle we us for mid-range clients is a 4WD minivan. They are very comfortable and come equipped with a pop-up roof for excellent game viewing. The accommodation will be in an excellent location, comfortable and will have good service and food.


The vehicle we use for luxury clients is a fully customised toyota landcruiser, the ultimate safari vehicle, equipped with pop-up roof, charging point and cooler for your drinks and packed lunches. Your accommodation will have everything that mid-range has but slightly more refined, more comfortable, better food and service, usually with an excellent view.


Are These Catagories Set in Stone?

All our tours are tailor made so these differences are not set in stone, for example, if you would like luxury accommodation but want to save money by using a mid-range vehicle then that is possible. Any connotation or mixture of the above is possible and our regional experts can find the best options for you and your budget.

Are There Any Other Options for my Vehicle?

Yes! You can use a landcruiser that doesn't come with a cooler and charging point that is cheaper, though still more than the minivan. You can also use vehicles that don't come with pop-up roofs for cheaper still, which would be a good option if you are not doing game drives, however if you are doing game drives then we highly recommend a vehicle with a pop-up roof.


If you don't fancy the long drives, then it is also possibe to fly to some of the more remote national parks both on chartered and scheduled flights.

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