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Uganda Safari Cost

People often ask for a rough guide to how much a safari costs in Uganda, so I thought I would write this blog post to help you in your budgeting.

The cost of a safari can vary wildly depending on your travel style, how long you want your safari to be, the activities you want to do, etc. But there are some general rules you can use when budgeting that I can go through with you.

Every safari has some similar costs, namely the accommodation, guide, vehicle hire, fuel and park entry fees. A rough guide for the costs of these are:

• $250 per day for a more value for money safari

• $350 per day for a comfortable, mid-range safari

• $600-800 per day for a luxury safari

• $800+ for the most exclusive safaris

These very rough costs are per person based on 2 people sharing a room on a full board basis. There are ways of making a safari cheaper though, like travelling in the off-season or the best way is to increase your party size as the cost of the guide, vehicle and fuel will be shared.

On top of these basic costs, there are other things to consider like activities, flights, etc.

On most safaris to Uganda, people want to see the mountain gorillas, and why wouldn’t you, it is one of the greatest wildlife experiences in the world. This costs $700 for a single gorilla tracking permit.

People also generally want to see the chimpanzees in the wild, again another amazing experience and one I would recommend to everyone. The best place to see chimps is in Kibale Forest National Park. Tracking permits here cost $200, but there is a cheaper alternative. Chimp tracking is also available in Kyambura Gorge, Queen Elizbeth National Park for $50 per person, but the catch is there is only a 50% chance that you will get to see the chimps, whereas, in Kibale, it is almost guaranteed.

Other popular activities like rhino tracking, boat safaris in Murchison, QENP and lake Mburo (all of which are unique and amazing experiences if you are visiting these places) cost between $30-$50 per person per activity.

I cannot stress enough how this is a rough guide, and prices can vary wildly depending on your requirements. The best way to get an idea of how much your dream safari would cost, or what you can get for your budget is to speak with one of our team. We offer free, no-obligation quotes. Get in touch to get the ball rolling and we will respond within 24 hours.


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