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Travelling to Uganda During the Pandemic

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our main concern as a safari operator has always been ‘can we do safaris safely?’ The safety of Ugandans has always been a priority and we couldn’t bear the thought of being even partly responsible for the spreading of the coronavirus through Uganda when its health services don’t compare to that of more developed countries. We have even been reluctant to market ourselves during this time as we were unsure if we could do safaris through the country safely.

The nature of a safari in Uganda means that you are travelling from destination to destination and constantly interacting with new people, making safari travel a likely cause of the spread of the disease.

But as the pandemic has gone on, we are increasingly confident that we can operate safaris in Uganda safely and we are now completely comfortable welcoming travellers back to this amazing country.

Covid hasn’t been as big of a health issue in Uganda as it has in the west, comparatively showing much fewer cases of deaths. After initially having very strict restrictions in place, the country is now opening more and more, and even recently fully opened schools up again.

Tourism has been allowed in Uganda for a while now with certain standard operating procedures in place (I will explain the current SOPs in another blog post). Although the number of tourists visiting Uganda has been low, it has been well proven now that we can do safaris safely and the SOPs work in preventing the spread.

Ugandans themselves are extremely keen to welcome back tourists. Tourism is a huge industry in Uganda and many people are reliant on tourism for their income, who have been struggling since the beginning of the pandemic to get by. As people get more comfortable travelling, hopefully soon we can get back to some normality.


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