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Covid Relief #6

With cases on the rise, Uganda has gone into a second lockdown, which has put a further strain back onto communities already struggling to get by. Many people have been coming to us to ask for help to feed their families.

During this supply drop, we were able to supply basic food (mostly maize and beans) to 65 families and a Batwa settlement (the idigenous people from Bwindi National Park) containing 24 families.

Families met us at agreed upon locations if they could and we took food to those unable to travel.

In other news, the veg beds we planted a few months ago have been harvested successfully and handed over to the communities to great effect, offering much needed relief to many. More and more people are coming to us for help all the time, if you are willing and able to help feed more families, please get in touch via social media, our website or email

Check out the images of our lastest supply drop below.


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