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  • Ben Tinsley

Lake Mburo National Park

Baby hippo yawning oo the boat safari

For a long time, Lake Mburo National Park has been looked down upon as a safari destination, and only visited by those wishing to cut down the long journey from gorilla tracking in Bwindi, to the airport in Entebbe. But, over the past couple of years, we believe lake Mburo has become a top safari destination in its own right.

The reason that Lake Mburo wasn’t as well respected as the other savanna national parks was because of its lack of predators. The park does have lions, leopards and hyenas; however, their numbers are very few and they are rarely seen. But we believe that is exactly what makes Lake Mburo special. The lack of predators mean that the other animals like zebras, buffalo, water bucks, elands etc. are more relaxed and don’t fear humans like they do in other national parks, meaning you can get closer. It also means that you find these animals in large numbers, and they are incredibly easy to find.

The newly introduced rothschild giraffe

A good example of this is the bush buck, which is a nocturnal animal elsewhere in Uganda, but in Lake Mburo, they are brave enough to be found during the day.

Add to this the introduction of giraffes from Murchison Falls (whose numbers here are rapidly rising), and the other activities available like the boat safari and mountain biking and horse riding game drives, Lake Mburo is fast becoming a must see for anyone visiting Uganda.

Take a look at some of the photos from our staff safari below (apologies for my poor photography).

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