Mount Elgon National Park & Sipi Falls




Mount Elgon is the world’s largest volcano base and formerly Africa’s highest mountain. Climbing on Elgon's deserted moorlands reveals magnificent scenery without the summit-orientated approach, the ultimate aim is not to reach the 4321m Wagagi peak, but to reach the vast caldera. Sipi Falls, is a set of three beautiful falls on the edge of mount Elgon and the perfect base to enjoy the mountain from.




Hiking – ranging from a couple of hours to 4 days

Mountain Biking

Birding Walks

Rock Climbing






Located on Uganda’s eastern border with Kenya, Mount Elgon is around a 5-hour drive from Kampala/Entebbe.




Various budget/mid-range accommodation is available around Sipi Falls, unfortunately there isn’t really anything for the luxury market just yet.

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