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Accommodation in Nyungwe Forest National Park


Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel
Situated on the top of a hill, overlooking Nyungwe Forest, the views from this hotel are astonishing. Made up of several cottages, each at the top of the hill, as soon as you leave your room you are hit by the breathe-taking view. The view combined with the decent service makes this lodge a great option for your visit to Nyungwe.


Nyungwe Forest Lodge
This is one of the finest Lodges in Rwanda and the ultimate place to stay in Nyungwe. The rooms are spacious and luxurious, and the service is excellent. This lodge is set amongst a working tea plantaion on the edge of Nyungwe Forest. Made up of 22 rooms split over 6 cottages this lodge has the feel of extreme luxury, and the price reflects that.
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