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Accommodation in Murchison Falls National Park



Nile Safari Lodge
Located just outside the park, on the banks of the river Nile, this lodge is excellently situated. The food and service is good and the lodge has an excellent reputation, however we find that wooden cottages are dated and dark inside, and in much need of refurbishment.
Murchison River Lodge
Also located on banks of the nile, just outside the park, this lodge has a relaxed family feel to it. With numerous room options, this lodge has something for everybody. Probably at the lower end of the mid-range scale, but still comfortable with good service. If you want a family safari, then this is definitely the lodge for you.


Kabalega Wilderness Lodge
This lodge offers the best value for money in the National park. You are getting luxury accommodation for the price of mid-range, which is why it is the one we often reccommend to our clients. The cottages are large, extemely comfortable and the bathrooms have large bath which is great to relax in after a long day on safari. Located on the banks of the nile, just outside the park, this lodge has a great location. The service and food are also excellent, keeping up with the luxury feel.
Paraa Safari Lodge
Probably the best known lodge in Murchison, this large lodge feels more like a typical european style beach resort than an intimate african safari lodge. The service is excellent and the lodge has a great atmosphereto it, with buffet meals. With a great view of the nile and inside the park, this lodge is in a fantastic location.
Chobe Safari Lodge
This lodge has a reputaion of being perfect for honeymooners, and its easy to see why. This lodge has a very relaxed, romatantic feel to it. Whith great views of the Nile and amazing service, if you want a more relaxing safari then this is the place for you. However, this lodge is located in part part the park that doesn't have much game in it, so probably not the best for safari.
Baker's Lodge
This is the most luxurious lodge in murchison, and one of the most in Uganda. The cottages are large, extremely luxurious and all have a great view of the nile. The service is outstanding and you even have the option of going on a private, exclusive camp inside the park. This special lodge is the one we reccommend for our clients with a little more to spend.
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