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Accommodation in Entebbe

There is a huge range of hotels in Entebbe to meet any budget, so we have just picked out our two favourites, one mid-range and one luxury. Your regional expert can guide you through all your options.


Boma Guest House

This boutique hotel probably has the best reputation of any in Entebbe. It is comfortable, clean, well managed and the staff are very friendly. Set in a quiet area, this lodge only allows guests in, so you are almost guarenteed a peceful stay. Less than 10 minutes from the airport, this is the perfect place to stay at the beginning or end of your tour.


Protea Hotel

This is a larger, more corporate hotel, but still a great place for travellers to stay. Located right on the beach and only 1km from the airport. This hotel comes with a large swimming pool and excellent restaurant, and the views of lake Victoria are unparralleled.

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