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Accommodation in Bwindi


Gorilla Valley Lodge

At the lower end of the mid-range scale, Gorilla Valley Lodge is a good option for those travelling on  budget. Located in the south of the park this quite basic lodge is still comfortable, clean and in an excellent location, bordering Bwindi Forest itself. Owned by the well respected Nature Lodges, this lodge offers good service at a reasonable price. 


Haven Lodge

This lodge is probably our favourite lodge in the whole of Uganda! The rooms are ginormous and extremely comfortable. The lodge is perfectly situated just outside the park entrance gate, on top of the hill to make the most of the amazing views down the valley. The service and food is also extremely good. It is also the only lodge in the Bwindi area that we feel offers genuine value for money, which is why we recommend this to our mid-range clients and often our luxury ones too. The lodge is also community owned, which means all the money that is made by this lodge goes straight back into local community based projects.

Mahogany Springs

This is probably the lodge with the best reputation in the Bwindi area. The whole lodge is well furnished, designed and has a luxury feel to it. The service there is also teriffic, the staff are especially welcoming and friendly. Located just outside the gate, with the forest right infront of you, the Gorillas themselves are sometimes seen wondering through the gardens.

Buhoma Lodge

This lodge is for those who don't mind spending a litle extra for the upmost luxury. The lodge is made up of private cottages, each well equipped and luxurious, with an excellent view of the forest. Located inside the parks gates, the wall of forest marks the bounday of this lodge, which is also frequented by the gorillas themselves. An excellent place to stay with fantastic service and food.

Nkuringo Gorilla Campsite

This is the lodge we recommend our clients to stay at who will be Gorilla Tracking in the south of the park. The lodge comes with several fantastic and well equipped cottages, and standard rooms for those not wishing to break the bank. The best thing about this lodge however is the view. With the forest and kigezi highlands on one side, and the Viringa volcanoes, Albertine rift valley and the congolese mountains on the other.


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